A lock and key is an older concept of locking introduced by a locksmith. This concept arises especially when humans need something that can help them in securing their house and also daily based essential items. Initially, locksmiths use wooden material for preparing locking systems. Wood is the hardest material that makes it easy for a locksmith to construct a lock. Later with time,locksmiths came with the concept of using metal for making strong locks. For the past many centuries, locksmiths are using mechanical lock and key setup for ensuring stable security standards within houses, offices, and vehicles, but nowadays things are getting changed locksmiths with some new innovative designs came up with the concept of contactless locking system. Keyless entry systems are the best example of contactless security standards. Locksmith Newark NJ is best in securing your residential property by using best in the class lock and key system. They are professionals and can be hired easily through a simple online communication channel.