It is not easy to open a doorknob without using a key. Locksmiths are trained to perform such actions. They use some special tools to open the doorknob. Torsion wrench tool, Allen wrench, drill machine, long narrow z shape metal wire, wedge system is generally required to open doorknob. Along with tools a lot of concentration or focus is needed. A normal person takes hours to open the doorknob without using a key, also without any guarantee and the same process is executed by a locksmith within few minutes. For the procedure you have to first insert the Allen wrench tool inside of the keyhole, you have to apply some pressure for lifting lock pins, then with the help of a torsion wrench you have to do the right twist and with this lock gets unlock. Sometimes these tools didn’t work and the locksmith prefers to remove the knob out by using a screwdriver and drill machine. Locksmith Lewisville Tx is best in opening the doorknob without a key.