The initial thing you can work out is getting the reference or recommendations regarding any locksmith service from your friends or relative who has been in the similar situation before etc. Get the mobile number of the locksmith experts and you could contact him up and ask to be helped out. You can also go through the yellow pages as they might have listings of nearby emergency locksmiths and also astonishingly you may get the one who live or work near your residence or the place you have trapped in. If you come about to be locked outside your automobile in front of any internet cafe then you can do Goggle search to find out an emergency locksmith new york ny. If you didn’t get the solution from any of this the most excellent thing is to contact emergency services or the fire subdivision to come and break down your door or rescue you from your dilemma. By doing this your automobile would be towed back to a mechanic who will carry on unlocking it and in case you got locked out of your residence the firemen would break down your door, all this price you a lot of money.