If you want to install new locks or security systems in your homes or offices there are different options available in the market. Getting the right type of security system installed by locksmith Aventura to use for your future purpose is the best way to make sure that you and your property is safe from intruders and others.

Here are some of the most commonly available locks and their benefits:

Lever Handle Locks

These types of locks are mostly found in commercial properties. These types of locks have push handles rather than knobs that turn. When someone applies more force on the handle it may break, thus allow intruders to enter your property.

Combination Locks

Combination locks contain both the mechanical locks and the digital locks. Mechanical locks normally accept access PIN, while digital locks can be programmed to accept multiple pins. The major benefit of these types of locks is that users don’t need to be worried about the keys when they have these types of locks installed on their property. However, it is a drawback for those who forget their PINs.

Electronic Card Locks

Electric card locks are a well-liked option for businesses and are also a perfect choice for multi-tenant residential buildings, such as apartments. Persons who have the permission to enter such areas can access the property by tapping or by simply swiping their cards. One of the major benefits of these types of locks is that the cards can be deactivated when lost. As you can trace the person also with these cards from where and when the card was used. If any security issue occurs, these key cards can be reprogrammed without any replacement, thus making them more cost effective than conventional keyed locks.