Locksmiths introduce a wide range of locking solution depending upon the location and level of security customer wants. In residential building main lock is fitted mainly on the outside door which is the main source of entry and the rest of the doors in the building are also fitted with locks but not such level as required by in the commercial sector.

A single commercial building mostly offices with a lot of departments or cabins can generate thousands of data each day. The future of the company is fully based on these data so it becomes necessary to protect these data from other people. Locksmiths fit some advance equipment on each door of the office and fully secure those things like drawers, safes, almirah, etc.

Locksmith Brooklyn is special in getting contracts from large business companies. Before giving them, contract locksmith raises quotations about their works and uploads them on the company website. Quotation liked by company officials, only to them the contract for lock fitting is given.