Key duplication and key copying process are not so complicated as people generally think it to be. If locksmiths follow the same traditional practice for key copying and key duplication process that they follow in the past few decades then it is easy to understand that locksmithing is a little bit complicated and time-consuming process. In older practice there is no method like key duplication exist the only practice locksmith mainly learn and perform is the key copying practices. In this practice, the locksmith prepares a metal or clay surface which is used for preparing a duplicate key. The whole method is completely based on manual operation and locksmith design keys by using their hands. It is the most time-consuming process. In one single day, a locksmith can hardly produce two to three types of keys.

By keeping the time factor in mind modern locksmiths come up with wide applications important for designing or constructing new keys within a flash time. Locksmith Columbus Ohio is a modern locksmith company specializing in designing lock keys with the help of modern machines.